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For the Kiddies

This has nothing to do with John Carter’s classic ABC for Book Collectors. This was written long before blogs for a book project that didn’t pan out. It seems (to me, at least) a shame to waste it.


A Autographed it.

B Bought it.

C Criticized it.

D Discussed it.

E Enjoyed it.

F Filed it.

G Giggled at it.

H Highlighted it.

I Inked in it.

J Junked it.

K Kept it.

L Liberated it.

M Mutilated it.

N Needed it.

O Overpriced it.

P Plagiarized it.

Q Quoted it.

R Rebound it.

S Stored it.

T Tore it.

U Underlined it.

V Violated it.

W Withdrew it.

X de-X-cessioned it.

Y Yawned at it.

Z found it for sale at the Newberry Book Fair and, after giving it due consideration, came to the decision to pay Zero.

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