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Upcoming Literature and Theater Seminars

This list is of upcoming seminars only. Since most seminars meet more than once in a term, if a class has already met at least once, it will no longer show up on this list. To find a seminar that has already started or has finished, visit Programs and Events and set the date range to include the seminar’s starting date.

Starting February 16, 2016
Tuesdays, February 16 - March 22
This seminar is full. Please call (312) 255-3700 for waitlist.
Led by Debra Mancoff
Seminar Description Passion fueled British society under the reign of Edward VII. This era, marked by wide-ranging social and political change, brought about the promise of upward mobility along with the turmoil associated with a shifting social...
Starting February 16, 2016
Tuesdays, February 16- April 19
Led by James Hecimovich
Seminar Description This course will explore the literary genre of magical realism not just as a literary movement but as a response to the political and cultural climates from which it emerged. Postcolonial contexts, for example, have been...
Starting February 17, 2016
Wednesdays, February 17 - April 13
Led by Karl Seigfried
Seminar Description Discover the roots of The Hobbit in Norse mythology, German legend, and English literature. Participants will read J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic novel in detail as they explore ancient poems and tales of wizards and wanderers...
Starting February 17, 2016
Wednesdays, February 17 - April 20
Led by Susan Bazargan
Seminar Description This course focuses on Ulysses as the defining text of literary modernism. We will read the book closely to appreciate Joyce’s particular version of modernist experimentalism. Through close attention to his technical and...
Starting February 18, 2016
Thursdays, February 18 - April 21
Led by Lyle Roebuck
Seminar Description Few associate Hemingway with timidity, but in a 1958 interview with the Paris Review he seems spooked by inquiries concerning the creative process. He is much more forthcoming when it comes to the topic of mechanics....
Starting February 18, 2016
Thursdays, February 18 - April 28 (class will not meet March 24)
This seminar is full. Please call for waitlist.
Led by Robert Sprott
Seminar Description Winter is the season for gathering ‘round the hearth and letting stories take your mind off of the blistering cold outside. There is no better collection of stories than the eight plays studied in this seminar: Macbeth...
Starting February 23, 2016
Tuesdays, February 23 - March 29
This seminar is full. Please call for waitlist.
Led by Jeffrey Nigro
Seminar Description Emma, often described as Jane Austen’s masterpiece, celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2016. Austen herself admitted that she had created “a heroine whom no one but myself will much like,” and, indeed, Emma Woodhouse...
Starting February 23, 2016
Tuesdays, February 23 - March 29
Led by Julie Benesh
Seminar Description Raymond Carver, regarded by some as the American Chekhov, looks unflinchingly yet compassionately at everyday people struggling through their lives, expressing their stories with spare, uncomplicated prose. This seminar will...
Starting February 23, 2016
Tuesdays, February 23- March 29
Led by Jill Gage
Seminar Description Laurence Sterne’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, published in nine volumes between 1759 and 1767, is one of the greatest comic novels ever written. A runaway success when first published, the...
Starting February 24, 2016
Wednesdays, February 24 - April 27
Led by Dagmar Herrmann
Seminar Description We will address the timely issues of displacement, fragmented identity, and assimilation by reading the works of Heinrich Heine, Stefan Zweig, Milan Kundera, and Andre Aciman – all writers who left their home countries, either...
Starting February 25, 2016
Thursdays, February 25 - April 14
Led by Todd Bauer
Seminar Description The plays of Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee, and Lorraine Hansberry define what it means to be an American during a period of great change, and they showcase the unique power and influence of American theater. In...
Starting March 2, 2016
Wednesdays, March 2 - April 13
Led by June Sawyers
Seminar Description Irish plays, integral to the Western theater tradition, touch upon the eternal while expressing the plain poetry of everyday life. We will examine modern Irish theater through close readings of the work of six significant Irish...
Starting March 2, 2016
Wednesdays, March 2 - April 13 (class will not meet March 23)
This seminar is full. Please call for waitlist.
Led by Elzbieta Foeller-Pituch
Seminar Description This seminar traces the spectacular rise of detective fiction from Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to more modern writers such as Agatha Christie and Tony Hillerman. We will examine the historical and social conditions...
Starting March 2, 2016
Wednesdays, March 2 - April 6
Led by John Nygro
Seminar Description Although originally performed by young male players in the Renaissance theater, Shakespeare’s female roles are rich, varied, flesh-and-blood characters that have captivated generations of play-goers. In this seminar we will read...
Starting March 8, 2016
Tuesdays, March 8 - April 19 (class will not meet April 5)
Online registration is closed. Please call to register.
Led by Mike Levine
Seminar Description In the final volume of Proust’s great novel, In Search of Lost Time, war and the passage of years have dramatically altered Parisian society and the people who had been the objects of the narrator’s fascination. As he...
Starting April 2, 2016
Saturdays, April 2 - May 7 (class will not meet April 23) **PLEASE NOTE THAT DATES HAVE CHANGED FROM THOSE IN THE BROCHURE**
Led by Julia Krivenstova Denne
Seminar Description Baba Yaga is one of the most memorable and complex figures in eastern European folklore. Reading Russian fairy tales and Dubravka Ugresic’s Baba Yaga Laid an Egg, we will examine the character’s functions and ambiguity,...
Starting April 4, 2016
Tuesdays, April 5 - May 10
Led by Linda Levine
Seminar Description What are the most highly-acclaimed works of literature from the past 10 years? Find out in this very contemporary seminar. We will read two short novels – Julian Barnes’s Sense of an Ending and Mohsin Hamid’s The...