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Upcoming Literature and Theater Seminars

This list is of upcoming seminars only. Since most seminars meet more than once in a term, if a class has already met at least once, it will no longer show up on this list. To find a seminar that has already started or has finished, visit Programs and Events and set the date range to include the seminar’s starting date.

Starting September 27, 2016
Tuesdays, September 27 - November 1
This class has been cancelled.
Led by Colleen Delegan
Seminar Description Why have fairy tales endured through the centuries? Beyond enchantment, what universal messages do fairy tales offer individuals, cultures, and the world collectively? In most cultures, there is no clear line separating myth from...
Starting September 28, 2016
Wednesdays, September 28 - November 30 (class will not meet on October 12 or November 23)
Led by Todd Bauer
Seminar Description The plays of Edward Albee, Sam Shepard, David Mamet, Wendy Wasserstein, and others will be the primary focus of this discussion-based seminar. Their works offer an insightful glimpse into the idea of what it meant to be an...
Starting October 11, 2016
Tuesdays, October 11 - November 22
This seminar is full. Call (312) 255-3700 to be on the waitlist.
Led by Debra Mancoff
Seminar Description Artists have always recorded fashion by depicting the dress of their day. But in the nineteenth century, certain artists influenced fashion by inspiring trends, promoting new styles, and even designing garments. This seminar will...
Starting October 12, 2016
Wednesdays, October 12 - November 30
This seminar is full. Call (312) 255-3700 to be on the waitlist.
Led by Steven Venturino
Seminar Description Our Mutual Friend is Charles Dickens’s last completed novel, filled with humor, dark satire, multiple plot lines, and remarkable prose. This seminar considers the book in serial weekly installments (no spoilers) for an engaging,...
Starting October 18, 2016
Tuesdays, October 18 - November 29 (class will not meet on November 22)
This seminar is full. Call (312) 255-3700 to be on the waitlist.
Led by Linda Levine
Seminar Description We will discuss the theme of alienation and connection in four contemporary novels of significant literary merit: Jane Gardam’s Old Filth; William Maxwell’s So Long, See You Tomorrow; Ian McEwan’s On Chesil...