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Luddite Lyrics

So by the fourth day this year that the temperature refuses to rise above zero, everyone is becoming rather blasé about it. People are dropping off their books as if this were not a winter obviously going for the record, and, what’s more, they’re hauling the books right up to the door. I was expecting at least one “I’d get out and help you, but it’s too cold today” but not a single slacker have I experienced so far.

Deprived of that (but not other things) to complain about, I can only resort to song. This little number is based on a song the Great Lakes Dredge performs regularly (it’s on their CD). It was written in the late 19th century at Dartmouth, a time and place when undergraduates would get together and sing (and smoke and drink). The Hanover Winter Song is about singing and smoking and drinking indoors to defy the threat of ice and snow. I have brought the lyrics around to fantasies of sitting in a well-appointed library in the winter to defy the threat of…well, sing along.

1. Ho, a book by the fire,

Bring the slippers and stool!

Ho, a book by the fire,

And a Snuggie that’s cool!

Ho, a book by the fire,

With my feet on the stool!

For the Kindle is chewing at the Chaucer,

And the Nook is nipping at its heels!

Other e-readers whisper in the background

As they offer digital deals!


But here by the fire, we’ve no Kindle nor Nook;

Ha ha, we’ve a book, and that’s what our hearts desire!

For our page it is lighted by the logs that we’ve ignited

And the popcorn in the bowl is set to play its role!

(sing twice)

2. Oh, curl up by the fire,

With your slippers and stool!

Oh, curl up by the fire

In a Snuggie that’s cool!

Let’s all curl by the fire

With our feet on the stool!

Let no Nook goblin wait within your pocket

And no Kindle recharge against the wall;

We have nothing that’s plugged into a socket

And no device is switched on at all!

Repeat Chorus

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