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A Meeting Here Tonight

Old friends, new friends. For the second year, Whole Foods is having a sort of preview of our preview. There’s a little wine-and-appetizer gathering tonight at 30 W. Huron—the Gold Coast store–where you can meet honest-to-goodness Newberryans (not Uncle Blogsy; I will probably be shifting boxes at that point) and look at some books you’ll have a chance at come the weekend. No, you may not buy the books they’re showing you: drink the wine and buy a jar of pickles.

Whole Foods has been mighty generous, sending food for the volunteers for four different shifts. (You need to see us eat to appreciate what a gift that is. Remind me after the Book Fair, and I’ll do a quick review of all the food we had given to us and how little was left over.) They’re also sending 250 cloth bags for the first 250 customers on Preview Night (another incentive to be a Newberry Associate, as if you needed another.) AND they are stuffing our bookmarks into all the bags at the Gold Coast store for a week. (Not only does this get the word out, but it guarantees a wider distribution for our highly collectible bookmarks, thus enhancing the value of those in our own collection.)

Those of you who read yesterday’s column may inquire “Why do you folks go around making friends with grocery stores?” If you’d ever tasted brownies sent over from a shoestore, you’d know, chum. 

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