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Much Misc

So a lady brought me a bag of CDs last week, and told me, “Three are classical, two are jazz, one’s a soundtrack, five are rock, one’s Christmas…and the rest are miscellaneous.”

I understood that. So I thought I’d give you a string of factoids and updates, some of which are miscellaneous.

Harry Potter: I’m going to go to eBay with this collection. None of my research has done much good in proving the autographs on them are authentic. In fact, what solid data I have turned up trends against it. But I haven’t found much of anything that proves they’re phonies, either. So I am going to throw them on the mercy of the Internet, and let people know what I know. Once the market decides the price, it’s out of my hands.

The Challenge Grant: The Newberry made the $100,000 goal of that 2-for-1 matching grant I mentioned a few weeks back, and therefore have $300,000 with which to pay for the upkeep of the Website that features this blog, and other, lesser, matters. (Online contributions seem to have gone up after I mentioned the challenge, so I personally take credit for…writing this sentence.)

Please Don’t Bring Us Any Books Right Now: I had a peaceful three-day weekend except for the nagging fear that I would go back Tuesday morning and find the loading dock barricaded with four hundred banana boxes of books. But there were a mere dozen or so boxes, none of them from the produce section of the local supermarket.

Book Futures: I did another analysis of our boxes of books (essential for planning the layout of the fair) and find that we are over 100 boxes in Mystery, Literature, Science Fiction, and Art. We, in fact, have 181 boxes of art (so far) this year, which led to the biggest switcheroo for July: Architecture will have to go into Room 2 this time around, and Photography to Room 6. Room 3 will have room this year for just Art, Cooking, Chicago, and Collectors. So if you have read this far in the blog, and you are looking for either of those popular categories, you now have an edge on your competition.

There. Don’t say Uncle Blogsy never did anything for you. 

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