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A New Journal of Genealogy and Family History Starts in April

The Register of Qualified Genealogists in the United Kingdom has announced that they will begin publishing the Journal of Genealogy and Family History in April 2017. It will be a peer-reviewed journal and it will be open access at their website so all may read the articles. The journal will address a current need for a high quality, peer reviewed publication, covering broad scholarly research in genealogy and family history in a 21st century online format. By having reviewed articles the journal can assure the highest quality articles and they will be available openly with no subscription or purchase fees.

“Articles will offer the reader insights into current thinking and practice and provide an outlet for theoretical and speculative ideas within genealogy and family history”, according to the journal’s launch announcement. Attracting global writers, articles will range from family and micro histories which may showcase new approaches and analytic techniques to locational studies and ancestry and population studies.

The complete announcement for the journal can be found here.