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New Website

     So these are the new digs, eh? Not without a certain rustic charm, I guess: plenty of elbow room, anyhow. Okay, move those banana boxes over there…way over there. I want the tapioca for the meat loaf right over there, and the shovel for buying unwary customers handy to the secret passage, in case the police get nosy.

     Yes, the computer should go about there, with the swivel throne. And those kneeling cushions for all the adoring fans can be scattered on the floor any old where. Where do you pile the books? What kind of question is that? On any flat surface, the way it is everywhere I…no, scratch that. We go for strict accuracy around here. Pile them on EVERY flat surface.

     You noticed that, too? The elbow room just kind of evaporates, doesn’t it? I think it’s the ink they’re using these days.


I like the style of your website! It looks really nice.
Many thanks for your website ! I’ve just shared it.

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