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Entrance to the Newberry, from Washington Square Park. April, 1991.

Entrance to the Newberry, from Washington Square Park. April, 1991.

Achilles, Rolf, comp. and ed. Humanities’ Mirror: Reading at the Newberry Library, 1887–1987. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1987. Call number: Z 881 C525 H8 1987 at checklist table. Contents: “A History of the Newberry Library” by Lawrence W. Towner, p17-26; “Building the Collection” by James M. Wells, 27-35; “The Newberry Today: A Community of Learners” by Paul F. Gehl and Richard H. Brown, 37-42; “Collecting in the Second Century” by Paul Saenger, 43-49; “The Newberry Experience” descriptions of experiences by six readers, p.65-104; “Newberry in Fact” a chronological list about the Newberry from its founding to 1987, p. 105-119; “Exhibitions 1896-1987”.

Achilles, Rolf. Humanities’ Mirror: Reading at the Newberry Library, 1887-1987. Part II. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1988. 32p. Call number: Z 881 C525 H84 1988. This publication (during the Newberry’s centennial) describes collections and donors.

Bailey, George William. “List of Works on China: Comprising in Part the Library of ‘Tank Kee’ [pseud.].” Unpublished, 1893. Call number: -g 66.06.

Blum, Betty. Art Related Archival Materials in the Chicago Area. Washington, D.C.: Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 1991. 25-29. Call number: Special Collections Ref Case Z 5961 C45 B59 1991 and photocopy in checklist area.

Gershenson, Judd. Checklist of the Russian Collections of the Newberry Library. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1965. Call number: Ref folio Z 79.N 4125 at checklist table. Most of these works are now at the Hunter College Library of the City University of New York. Entries for items that were retained are underlined.

Hinderliter, Alison and Jenny Schwartzberg. “1993 Draft Catalog of Children’s Literature and Related Materials in the Newberry Library.” 2 vols. Unpublished, 1993. Call number: See checklist area.

Laufer, Berthold. Descriptive Account of Chinese, Tibetan, Mongol, and Japanese Books in the Newberry Library. Publications, no.4, The Newberry Library, Chicago, 1913. 42p. Call number: Z 79.N 419 no.4.

“List of Portraits in the Newberry Library Painted by George P.A. Healy.” Unpublished, n.d. 9p. Call number: copies at 3rd floor Reference desk.

The Newberry Library, Research and Education Section. ACM/GLCA student papers in the Newberry Library Archives. Call number: Newberry Library Archives 07/03/60. This collection contains papers by undergraduate students who have attended an ACM/GLCA Newberry Library Seminar in the Humanities

Newberry Library. “Alfred E. Hamill.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 3.5(1954): 138-147. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area. This article describes the library of Alfred E. Hamill, former president of the Newberry Library, donated to the Newberry after his death and includes a short biography of Hamill.

Newberry Library. “Catalog of Books and Manuscripts in the Museum of the Newberry Library, May, 1902.” Unpublished, 1902. 244p. Call number: Case folio Z 79 .N 412.

Newberry Library. Chicagoans Collect in the Eighteenth Century: An Exhibition Comprising … Books, Manuscripts, Maps, and Artifacts from the Libraries of Roger W. Barrett, Rudy L. Ruggles, Elsie O. and Philip D. Sang, Hermon Dunlap Smith, William M. Spencer, and Herbert R. Strauss. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1967. 22p. Call number: 4A 648.

Newberry Library. Directory of Classes and Special Collections. Special publications no. 7. Multigraphed. Chicago: The Newberry Library, n.d. Call number: Z 79 .N 42 no 7 and Z 68.618 in checklist area.

Newberry Library. Exhibitions of Literary, Artistic, and Historical Material Held at the Newberry Library, 1909–1918. Special publications, no. 8. Multigraphed. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1918. Call number: Z 79 .N 42 no.8 and Z 773. 621.

Newberry Library. General Guide to the Collections in the Newberry Library. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1973. Call number: folio Z 79.N 4137.

Newberry Library. Handbook of the Newberry Library. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1933. Call number: Z 584 .6182 in checklist area. Contents: “History of the Library and Summary of Fields Covered” p 1-11, “English Literature” p 11-20, “Louis-Lucien Bonaparte Collection” p 21-24; “American History” p 25-26; “British History” p 37-40, “Continental History” p 41-48, “Genealogy” p 49-50; Art 51-53; “Music” p 54-60; “Manuscripts” p 61-66; “John M. Wing Foundation” p 67-75.

Newberry Library. “Index to the Classification, Completed April 30, 1906.” Unpublished, 1906, corrected to 1939. 433p. Call number: folio Z 68.62a.

Newberry Library. A List of a Few of the Rare and Interesting items in the Newberry Library. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1932. 6lp. Call number: Z 881 C525 N515 1932.

Newberry Library. Paintings by George P.A. Healy … On Exhibit in the Newberry Library. Presented to the Library by the Artist, 1887. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1964. Call number: 4A 6328 and copies at 3rd floor Reference desk.

Newberry Library. “Thomas Conolly.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 4 (1946): 3-10. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy in checklist area. Describes Thomas Conolly’s library acquired by the library in 1945.

Noble, Frederic Perry. “Bibliography of Africa. Books in the Newberry Library: A Finding List.” Unpublished, 1892?. This entry missing, but Freer, Percy, A Bibliography of African Bibliography revised to Feb 1948. Call number: Z970.314

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Towner, Lawrence W. An Uncommon Collection of Uncommon Collections: The Newberry Library. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1970. Call number: photocopy in checklist area.

Wells, James, comp. The Circle of Knowledge; Encyclopedias Past and Present. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1968. 56p.
Call number: 5A 2860. This is an exhibition catalog.

Wells, James, ed. Treasures of the Newberry Library: An Exhibition to Celebrate the Renovation of the Library Building. December 1, 1962– January 15, 1963. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1962. 24p. Call number: Z 81.623 and Ayer 290 N 43 1962a.

Wiesner, Merry and Melissa J. Martens, comps. “Early women’s literature : a provisional check list of works in the Newberry Library written by or about women and published before 1700.” Unpublished, 1993. Call number: Ref Z 6611 W6 N48 1993 in checklist area.

Wyly, Mary. Checklist of the Descriptive Material on the Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois. Grinnell, Iowa: Grinnell College Library, 1972. Call number: Z 584 .619 and photocopy in checklist area.