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Washington Square

Washington Square post card, undated.

What follows is a bibliography of books and articles relating to the history of the Newerry. A narrative history and a brief description of the Library’s collections may also be of use.

Bergman, Jed I. Managing Change In the Nonprofit Sector: Lessons from the Evolution of Five Independent Research Libraries. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1995. 46-72. Call number: Ref Z 675 R45 B47 1995 at checklist table.

Briggs, Martha T. “A Guide to the Newberry Library Archives.” Unpublished, 1993. Call number: Ref CD 3209 C5 B754 1993 at checklist table. This guide, a three-ring binder, describes the records produced by the Library in the course of its daily operations and selected for retention to document the history of the Library.

Elkin, Stanley. “Acts of Scholarship.” Chicago Magazine 36.9 (1987): 132-137. Call number: photocopy at checklist table, this periodical is not in Library’s holdings.

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Frost, Gary and Merrily Smith, comps. The Conservation of Research Library Collections: Problems and Solutions. An Exhibition at the Newberry Library, July 1 - August 15, 1975. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1975. 23p. Call number: 4A 20874.

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Newberry Library. Annual Reports. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1887

These are various publications serving as reports of the President and Trustees. They have irregular dates of coverage, and there were no reports issued between 1942-1960. Publications listed Chronologically:

  • Library Report of the Trustees. 1887/88–1941. Report year varies. Title varies: 1887/88-1891-19, Proceedings of the Trustees of the Newberry Library; 1892-1941, Report of the Trustees. Chicago: The Newberry Library. 5 vols. Call number: Z 584 .6186.
  • Index to the Annual Reports of the Board of Trustees, 1888–1933. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1934. Call number: Z 584 .61861.
  • Report of the President and Librarian. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1961–1976. Call number: folio Z 733 .N53.
  • Annual Report. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1977–present. Call number: folio Z 733 .N532.

Newberry Library. “Fifty Rare Books and Manuscripts in the Newberry.” Unpublished, 1938. 4p. Call number: 5A 3204.

—. “General Works. Polygraphy.” Unpublished, 1916. Call number: Z 79 .N 413. This Multigraphed guide lists titles of works classified in Class A, which includes works of general reference such as encyclopedias and readers’ handbooks, almanacs, literary periodicals, newspapers, and the publications of learned academies and societies not classified under special subjects. This list is complete through the year 1913.

—. “A Hand Book of Real Estate Belonging to the Newberry Library, January first 1931.” Unpublished, 1931. 81p., maps. Call number: 4A 6606.

—. A Manual for the Instruction of Readers. Chicago: The Newberry Library, n.d. 24p. Call number: 3A 1661.

—. “A New Publishing Venture.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 4.3 (1956): 84-87. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy at checklist table. This article describes Newberry Library publishing and five publications.

—. “Publications of the Newberry Library.” Unpublished, 1941. 18p. Call number: 5A 2929.

Pargellis, Stanley. “The Building of a Library: A Talk by the Librarian Given before the Caxton Club at the Opening of an Exhibition.” The Newberry Library Bulletin 1 (1944): 3-12. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy at checklist table.

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Sherlikis, Richard J. “The Newberry Library: An Uncommon Collection of Uncommon People.” Illinois Issues 8.12 (1987): 10-13. Call number: photocopy at checklist table, this periodical is not in Library’s holdings.

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—. “Library and the Collector: The Newberry Library.” Schwing Library Lectures at Louisiana State University 9-16 (1967–1970): 14-23. Call number: this volume is not in Library’s holdings.

—. The Newberry Library: A Brief History. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1977. 7p. Call number: Z 733 .N65 T6.

Towner, Lawrence W. and Joel L. Samuels. The Newberry Library: A Program of Development. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1975. 97p. Call number: 5A 9589. Towner and Samuels describe initial plans for the renovation of the Cobb building and the construction of the book stack building.

Wetherold, Houghton. The Architectural History of the Newberry Library. The Newberry Library Bulletin 6.1 (1962): 3-23. Call number: Z 79.N 4112 and photocopy at checklist table.