Newberry Magazine

The Spring 2014 issue of The Newberry Magazine displays a cross-section of the various programs and developments that have characterized life at the Newberry during the past year. Included are discussions of the Newberry’s continued commitment to collecting materials relating to music and to dance history; scholarly programs that took ambulatory approaches to exploring Chicago’s literary and architectural history; and the culmination of a three-year project that cataloged some 27,000 French political pamphlets.

These efforts foster a reciprocal dynamic in which the Newberry works to provide opportunities for scholarship and lifelong learning, while our users, through their engagement with collection items or participation in public programs, help lay the ground work for further enrichment. It is this community of learning that fulfills the Newberry’s mission and augments the rich cultural heritage that we preserve.

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We hope you enjoy this second number of The Newberry Magazine, and thank you for your continued commitment and support.

David Spadafora, President and Librarian

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