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The cover of an underground publication produced and distributed in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam during World War II

February 2013

Caxton Club, Newberry to Host "Outsiders: Zines, Samizdat, and Alternative Publishing"

Chicago this spring will be celebrating the rich tradition of underground, dissident, and alternative publishing, highlighted by two special programs at the Newberry.

Cronica Veneta, 15th Century

February 2013

Deciphering Texts

Called the archaeologists of texts, paleographers, according to Anthony Grafton, “tell us which texts were written when and what they say, which scripts were used where, and why, and by whom.” Paleographers do the detective work that makes all other research possible.

(l to r): Newberry President David Spadafora, Illinois Mayflower Society Education Committee Chair William Conger, Illinois Mayflower Society Governor Max Brown, and Newberry Vice President for Research and Academic Programs Daniel Greene

January 2013

Illinois Mayflower Society Awards Newberry Fellowship Grant

The Newberry and the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois proudly announce an annual grant enabling two short-term fellowships for qualified Ph.D. and postdoctoral scholars to study at the library.

Across the Continent

January 2013

Newberry Launches Digital Collections for the Classroom

The Newberry is home to a world-class collection of millions of books, manuscript pages, and maps—a wealth of primary sources for English and history teachers. Yet finding the time to research the collections can be a challenge for busy educators. To facilitate access to this archive, the Newberry teacher programs staff has collaborated with scholars and university faculty to develop Digital Collections for the Classroom.

December 2012

Campaign Nearing Its $25 Million Goal

We’re very pleased to announce that our Campaign for Tomorrow’s Newberry has raised almost 85 percent of its $25 million goal. Our heartfelt thanks go out to those of you who have helped make this success possible through your gifts to the campaign and the Annual Fund.

The Newberry already is putting our campaign commitments to work to enhance the library’s programs and services.  Thanks to generous gifts, we’ve been able to:

The Newberry 125 Book

October 2012

The Newberry 125, Stories of Our Collection

As part of our 125th anniversary, the Newberry has published a book highlighting 125 outstanding items: “The Newberry 125, Stories of Our Collection.” The Newberry is home to millions of books, maps, manuscripts, and other media, and these featured few represent the collection’s most awe-inspiring.

July 2012

The Newberry's 125th Anniversary

The Newberry’s 125th anniversary (or, as it’s fondly referred to around the library’s halls, quasquicentennial) has inspired a number of commemorative Newberry 125 events that will be open to the public. Chief among these, The Newberry 125 exhibition will open Thursday, September 6 and run through Monday, December 31.

July 2012

Judge Richard Posner and Scott Turow in "Conversation"

More than 200 people earlier this year came to the Newberry to hear Scott Turow and Judge Richard Posner discuss the future of books, authors, and libraries in the digital age as part of the library’s new public program, “Conversations at the Newberry.” Designed to generate thought-provoking discourse about enduring issues that are timely today, each evening features a pair of authors speaking about topics on which they have expertise and with which they are enthusiastically engaged, followed by give and take with the audience.

Newberry Board of Trustees Chair Vicki Herget, Newberry Award Recipient Francis Oakley, and Newberry President David Spadafora

May 2012

Newberry Honors Williams College's Francis C. Oakley with 2012 Award

Approximately 250 people came to the Newberry on May 7 to see Francis Oakley, Williams College President Emeritus and Edward Dorr Griffin Professor of the History of Ideas, receive this year’s Newberry Library Award for his outstanding contributions to the humanities. The award was presented by Newberry Board of Trustees Chair Victoria Herget following a cocktail reception and dinner, co-chaired by Janis and John Notz and Michele and Peter Willmott. Janis Notz is a member of the Newberry Board of Trustees.

Newberry Board of Trustee Member Charles C. Haffner, 1984, Charlie Gets Ready for his Up-close Look at the Building Cleaning Project, Charlie Lifts Off to Inspect the Progress on the Cobb Building

May 2012

A Fond Farewell To Charles C. Haffner III

Charles C. Haffner III devoted his professional career to R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, founded by his great-grandfather—and his philanthropic career to books, art, education, and nature, bringing an extraordinary level of dedication and leadership to organizations and institutions that reflected his principles and his passion. A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University, Charlie was the son of World War II hero Major General Charles C. Haffner, Jr., and he himself served as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force in the early 1950’s.