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No Cheating

I was looking up prices on a book someone dropped off and was comparing the condition to the notes of the book dealers who had copies for sale online. Keeping in mind my recent discovery that the wild-eyed blogreaders love vocabulary, I thought about picking a few out to explain today, and then changed my mind. Some blogreaders think they know this stuff already, and would merely be bored.

So let’s make a game of it. You pick out the proper definition and see how you fare. Winners will be allowed to come to the Book Fair free on Saturday come July.


a. A small child loved this book so much that it went along to bed and was cuddled more than the teddy bear

b. The edges have been worn so white spots are showing through the color of the cover

Webbing exposed:

a. The paper of the inner hinges has split, exposing a loose fabric like a net that reinforces it

b. A book about ducks with bare feet

Gift recognition

a. Somebody wrote “Merry Christmas, Hopalong, 1946” inside

b. Somebody unwrapped the package and cried “You gave me this book last year!”

Green cloth

a. The fabric you put on the floor to practice putting

b. The hardcover book has a green cover

Pages Proud

a. Several pieces of paper are loosening and standing out farther than the other pages

b. Princess Poppy liked their haircuts

Neat Owner’s Name on Flyleaf

a. Honest, they wrote so small, you’d hardly notice

b. The previous owner dusted her books every day

Priced Low to Reflect

a. I put a low price on this so it could think about how it misbehaved

b. Consider yourself lucky: if it weren’t for these marks on the cover I’d have charged triple

Top and Bottom Lightly Sunned

a. The color has faded at the edges of the spine

b. See my tan lines?

I’ve run out of space for scoring, but if you have a LOT of trouble figuring it out, let me know. We’ll watch for you at the Book Fair and find you a nice, quiet seat under the drinking fountain.

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