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You might not think I get a lot of questions in months other than July. You would be NEARLY correct. here are answers to some of my Occasionally Asked Questions.

Why haven’t you sorted those books yet? I brought them in last week!

Books are not sorted in strict chronological order, friend and donor. A box of books which all go into the Music section, for example, will get sorted right away no matter how much else is waiting. A box with crumbling pulp magazines or Superman comic books from the 1940s will also be jumped to the head of the line. So are the books dumped into huge garbage bags: I can’t have those bags sitting around getting in the way.. No no, that is not meant as encouragement to pack your books badly. Anyway, they’re not your books any more, so what’s your hurry?

Do you have any copies of True Grit I can buy for my book group?

I always have multiple copies of True Grit EXCEPT when the movie comes out. Then nothing. I wish Hollywood would confide in me what’s coming, so I could stock up.

What’s the most valuable thing someone’s donated this year?

I won’t know until somebody buys the stuff, friend.. I’ve been given a rare Henry Miller item, and then there’s this book of exceedingly bad railroad poems: somebody out there in the world is charging nearly $500 for that.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve had come in lately?

I don’t know how weird it is, honestly, but I am stunned by some of these song lyrics in these Hit Parader magazine from the 1950s. Where Will Baby’s Dimple Be? Tried and Convicted? They aren’t writing ‘em like that any more.

Do you mind if I bring my books over myself? I don’t have any bags or boxes, but I can load ‘em into the car if you’ll come and unload them.

In January? In cold and flu season? In your ear!

Why is that sports book called Wait Till Next Year not about Chicago?

I dunno. Doesn’t seem right, somehow. 

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