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Online Catalog Abbreviations

In a previous post, we discussed searching the online catalog by location. Searching by county is especially useful since many records, including genealogy society publications, are cataloged this way. In the post, we mentioned that the state name in the subject heading does not use the 2 character postal service abreviation.

We’ve since received a request for the abreviations used in the catalog. So here they are! For more examples of search strategies, see Catalog Search Strategies for Genealogists.

Alabama: Ala.; Alaska: Alaska; Arizona: Ariz.; Arkansas: Ark.; California: Calif.; Colorado: Colo.; Connecticut: Conn.; Delaware: Del.; District of Columbia: D.C.; Florida: Fla.; Georgia: Ga.; Hawaii: Hawaii; Idaho: Idaho; Illinois: Ill.; Indiana: Ind.; Iowa: Iowa; Kansas: Kan.; Kentucky: Ky.; Louisiana: La.; Maine: Me.; Maryland: Md.; Massachusetts: Mass.; Michigan: Mich.; Minnesota: Minn.; Mississippi: Miss.; Missouri: Mo.; Montana: Mont.; Nebraska: Neb.; Nevada: Nev.; New Hampshire: N.H.; New Jersey: N.J.; New Mexico: N.M.; New York: N.Y.; North Carolina: N.C.; North Dakota: N.D.; Ohio: Ohio; Oklahoma: Okla.; Oregon: Or.; Pennsylvania: Pa.; Puerto Rico: P.R.; Rhode Island: R.I.; South Carolina: S.C.; South Dakota: S.D.; Tennessee: Tenn.; Texas: Tex.; Utah: Utah; Vermont: Vt.; Virginia: Va.; Virgin Islands: V.I.; Washington: Wash.; West Virginia: W.Va.; Wisconsin: Wis.; Wyoming: Wyo.

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