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Other Treasures

No, alas, we did NOT sell every wonderful item we had out for sale in 2009, and yes, we did save some of the real goodies for 2010. Among the wonders that somehow got overlooked in the rush were:

The Revolution Betrayed, with a page autographed by Leon Trotsky (Trotsky was in exile in Mexico at the time. The pages were sent to him at Diego Rivera’s place, and Frida Kahlo handed them to Trotsky one at a time for signing. She then packed them up and sent  back to the publisher, who bound one in the front of each special copy of the book)

Alice in Wonderland, signed by Alice: let’s face it, a $2500 book is not an impulse purchase

We sold some, but there are copies left of that nifty art poster celebrating the 25th Book Fair left. You can buy one now at the A.C. (Art Collection) McClurg Bookstore in the library lobby.

A silver-plated computer mouse (we did sell the metronome that would only tick if held at a 45-degree angle, though.)

An issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine featuring a ghost story set at the Newberry Library Book Fair

A primitive sculpture—possibly African—of a very irritated-looking cat (probably irritated because its tail is missing)

The City That a Cow Kicked Over: that lovely poetic tribute to Chicago rising from the ruins

And, as far as I could tell in the debris of the record section, we sold no Christmas LPs again this year. Many of the Christmas CDs sold, and I could not find the 78rpm recording of that perennial classic “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. So there’s always hope.

(If you’re looking for a Christmas present, by the way, I hope I mentioned the art poster for the 25th Book Fair, available only at the A.C. (Awesome Craftsmanship) McClurg Bookstore in the Newberry lobby. The Gangland Map of Chicago is there too, if you like.)

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