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Our Jewels

I haven’t saluted the cast and crew in a while. But the Book fair has not yet run out of celebrity volunteers. These are just the celebrities who admit to their notoriety, of course. I’m still trying to track down the one who taught her cat to say “rhodomontade”.

One of our volunteers has been very active in pun conservation

One of our volunteers wrote the American Medical Association’s guide to poisonous plants

One of our volunteers knows the names of all the Popes in chronological order

At least one of our volunteers went through debutante training.

One of our volunteers once exclaimed to me “You have to leave room in Book fair set-up for personal expression!”

One of our volunteers broke his nose tossing peanuts up in the air to catch them in his mouth.

One of our volunteers claimed to own the tackiest aluminum Christmas tree in north America.

One of our volunteers had worked security at Chicago Place for so many years he claimed to be on first name terms with many entertainers who performed there, especially Frank, Dean, and Sammy.

The grandmother-in-law of one of our volunteers was seriously wounded in the crossfire when John Dillinger was killed.

One of our volunteers was in Washington D.C. when the sniper was at large.

One of our volunteers dutifully reported to her supervisor on her first job that she thought a lot of the people she was supervising were undocumented immigrants…and was promptly fired.

One of our volunteers, on her first day of her first job after college, had to deal with a report that her supervisor was a sexual predator.

One of our volunteers got his bachelor’s degree when he was 20 and his master’s when he was 21, but couldn’t get a job until he was 36.

One of our volunteers is the son of an Icelandic war bride.

One of our volunteers sports sunglasses which, if viewed from the correct angle, show skulls in the lenses. We liked to have her work the opening night crowd.

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