Past Nebenzahl Lectures

Past Lectures

Thursday, October 24, 2013 to Saturday, October 26, 2013
Kenneth Nebenzahl, Jr., Lecture Series
18th Nebenzahl Lectures: The War of 1812 and American Cartography

North Americans on both sides of the U.S. – Canada border are commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 in 2012-15. But while Canadians remember the war as a formative national event, Americans remember it (if at all) as a comparatively minor event in their history, easily overshadowed by the memory of the Civil War, whose sesquicentennial is also currently being commemorated.

Thursday, November 4, 2010 to Saturday, November 6, 2010
17th Nebenzahl Lectures: Mapping the Transition from Colony to Nation

The struggle of peoples worldwide for independence from colonial domination was one of the most important geopolitical events of the twentieth century, though the history of decolonization did not, of course, start in 1900. It may be traced at least as far back as the American revolutions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and might include the nineteenth-century nationalist movem

Thursday, November 8, 2007 to Saturday, November 10, 2007
16th Nebenzahl Lectures: Ancient Perspectives: Maps and Their Place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome

This series examined recent trends in the study of the mapmaking by the ancient cultures ringing the ancient Mediterranean Sea. The series was organized for the Smith Center by Dr. Richard Talbert (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), and included seven papers on topics ranging from urban to cosmological mapping.

Thursday, October 7, 2004 to Saturday, October 9, 2004
15th Nebenzahl Lectures: The Imperial Map: Cartography and the Mastery of Empire

The expansion of early modern states into global empires had ramifications for almost every aspect of the history of modern cartography. Topographic mapping played an important practical and symbolic role in the attempts to extend European power over newly established dependencies.

Thursday, October 11, 2001 to Saturday, October 13, 2001
14th Nebenzahl Lectures: A Taste for Maps: Cartography and Commerce in Early Modern Europe

Although historians of Cartography often consider the term “commercial cartography” to denote maps of a lesser quality, the commercial motive has been central to the making of maps for centuries. Whether conducted at the behest of governments, scientific organizations, private citizens, or other interests, mapmaking has always been a business as well as an art.

Thursday, October 28, 1999 to Saturday, October 30, 1999
13th Nebenzahl Lectures: Narratives and Maps: Historical Studies of Cartographic Storytelling

Most people think of maps as simple representations of space, not of time, history, or myth. Yet some Mesoamerican maps relate the myths and legendary histories of the communities that made them, battle plans from all eras narrate the tactics and fortunes of combatants in space and time, and historical atlases chart the expansion and contraction of nations and empires.

Thursday, October 24, 1996 to Saturday, October 26, 1996
12th Nebenzahl Lectures: Maps on the Move: Cartography for Transportation and Travel

One of the most prevalent perceptions of maps is that they are supposed to show us where a place is, and aide us in getting from one location to another.  Yet the historical relationship between the traveler and his map has received very little scholarly examination. The lectures given at “Maps on the Move” begin a study of the needs and motivations of mapping for&

Thursday, November 7, 1991 to Saturday, November 9, 1991
10th Nebenzahl Lectures: Profiling the City: Six Studies in Urban Cartography
Thursday, November 10, 1988 to Saturday, November 12, 1988
9th Nebenzahl Lectures: Rural Images: The Estate Plan in the Old and New Worlds
Thursday, October 27, 1983 to Saturday, October 29, 1983
7th Nebenzahl Lectures: Maps in the Making: The Various Sources of Printed Maps
Thursday, October 30, 1980 to Saturday, November 1, 1980
6th Nebenzahl Lectures: Art and Cartography
Thursday, August 11, 1977 to Saturday, August 13, 1977
5th Nebenzahl Lectures: Mapping the Great Lakes Region: Motive and Method
Thursday, November 14, 1974 to Saturday, November 16, 1974
4th Nebenzahl Lectures: Mapping the American Revolutionary War
Saturday, October 22, 1966 to Friday, November 11, 1966
1st Nebenzahl Lectures: The Study and Collecting of Early Maps: A Historical Survey