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Upcoming Philosophy and Religion Seminars

This list is of upcoming seminars only. Since most seminars meet more than once in a term, if a class has already met at least once, it will no longer show up on this list. To find a seminar that has already started or has finished, visit Programs and Events and set the date range to include the seminar’s starting date.

Starting September 14, 2016
Wednesdays, September 14 - October 26
Led by Dean Kostantaras
Seminar Description In this seminar, we will gain a thorough understanding of Darwin’s ideas through readings from his works The Origins of Species, The Descent of Man, and Autobiography. The seminar will also address...
Starting September 15, 2016
Thursdays, September 15 - November 10 (class will not meet on October 13)
Led by Eugene Newman
Seminar Description The philosophy of Martin Heidegger (1879-1976), widely regarded as among the most important of the twentieth century, has become a lightning rod for social and political controversy. Critics note deep connections between...
Starting September 17, 2016
Saturdays, September 17 - October 15
Led by Harrison Sherrod
Seminar Description Friedrich Nietzsche famously declared, “It is only ideas gained from walking that have any worth.” A pantheon of thinkers, including Socrates, Kant, and Thoreau—all avid walkers—might agree with him. This course will ask, Why is...
Starting September 17, 2016
Saturdays, September 17 - November 19
Led by Frank Biletz
Seminar Description In this historical survey of the emergence of Christianity from the time of Jesus through the first generations of Christians, topics to be treated will include Roman paganism; Second Temple Judaism; the search for the historical...