Printing History and Book Arts – Modern Manuscript Collections of Chicago Design Interest

Norma Rubovits. Detail, paper marbling. Rubovits Marbled Papers #1835.
Norma Rubovits. Detail, paper marbling. Rubovits Marbled Papers #1835.

The collections listed below include both those primarily about printing, design, and book arts in Chicago and those largely about other subjects that include important individual items or substantial amounts of material related to graphic design in Chicago. Thus, for example, the A.C. McClurg collection consists largely of literary and business records but the company was a major employer of designers and illustrators; while the George Ade papers are primarily literary, but Ade was in close contact with the illustrators and typographers of his books. Many Newberry collections about journalism, clubs, theatre, arts, and music contain substantial numbers of posters, program books, advertising and the like created in Chicago. Not included here are numerous dance collections.

A.C. McClurg & Co.
Ade, George
Alexander, Irene
Allied Arts Corp.
American Opera Society
Artists Book Works
Arts Club of Chicago
Bannon, Laura
Barrett, Oliver R.
Bell, Edward Price
Bentley, R. Ford
Bloomfield-Zeisler, Fanny
Blue Sky Press
Bohan, Thomas
Browne, Francis F.
Butler, Pierce
Carrier, Gertrude L.
Casey, Robert J.
Caxton Club
Charles H. Kerr Company
Chicago Calligraphy Collective
Chicago Daily News, Inc.
Chicago Library Club
Chicago Literary Club
Chicago Reader
Chicago Sun-Times
Cooper, Oswald Bruce
Cox, Alfred J
Dawson, Mitchell
Detterer, Ernst Frederick
Dill Pickle Club
Drury, John
First Presbyterian Church
Fuller, Henry Blake
Germania Club
Gookin family
Gookin, Frederick William
Hansen, Harry
Hayes, James
Hecht, Ben
Kerr Publishing Company –see Charles H. Kerr Co.
Kittredge, William A.
Kogan, Herman
Kramer, Sidney
Malkoff, Sol
McClurg & Co. –see A.C. McClurg & Co.
McCutcheon, John T.
McMurtrie, Douglas C.
Middleton, R. Hunter
Palette & Chisel Club Arts
Printing Ephemera
Rand McNally & Co.
Ransom, Will
Regnery, Henry
Ricketts, C. L.
Rogers, Bruce
Root & Cady
Rubovits, Norma
Shank, Raymond E.
Stone & Kimball
Theater Programs
Way, W. Irving
Wells, James M
Woodworth, Laurence C.