Professional Development Programs for Teachers

Newberry Library, Illinois State Normal University, Course of Study (1893)
Illinois State Normal University, Course of Study. 1893. I 83.4343.

The Newberry, through its Professional Development Programs for Teachers, offers content-based seminars to Chicago-area educators. These seminars, led by local scholars, provide teachers with an opportunity to reflect and engage with peers in subject matter study. The seminar topics, based in the humanities and supported by Newberry collections, allow teachers to reconnect with academic interests, deepen their content knowledge, and explore current scholarship in a collegial setting. Seminar participants also gain access to material and digital resources to integrate into their curriculum. Our programs are fully accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education, and participants earn professional development credit hours toward licensure renewal.

Educators interested in professional development at the Newberry should consider learning more about the following programs:

The Newberry Teachers’ Consortium (NTC)

NTC provides Chicago-area teachers with access to the latest academic developments in their fields and an opportunity to discuss important content-related issues with scholars and colleagues. This membership-based program is organized as a series of half-day seminars in eight subject areas during the academic year. Advance registration and a membership fee is required. Learn more about the Newberry Teachers’ Consortium.

Chicago Teachers as Scholars (TAS)

TAS is a partnership established in 1999 between the Chicago Public Schools and the Newberry. TAS offers a series of one, two, and three-day, content-based seminars on a wide range of humanities topics. This year-round program is open to all CPS teachers. Learn more about Chicago Teachers as Scholars.

The History Channel Seminar Series

The HCSS offers one-day history seminars to Chicago-area teachers. Sponsored by the History Channel, each content-based seminar is led by a scholar and includes the opportunity to study Newberry collection materials related to the seminar topic. Additional teaching resources are also provided by the History Channel. Learn more about the History Channel Seminar Series.

Other Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to ongoing programs, the Newberry hosts a variety of seminars, symposia, and events for teachers. We collaborate with local and national organizations to provide professional development programs for Chicago-area teachers. We also work with individual schools and departments to create unique programs to meet their professional development needs. Learn more about other programs for teachers.

K-12 educators interested in creating teaching resources using primary sources from the Newberry’s collection may apply for a Newberry Teacher Fellowship. Learn more about Newberry Teacher Fellowships.

Digital Collections for the Classroom

The Newberry’s rich collections offer many opportunities for Chicago-area educators to enliven their curricula with a variety of primary source documents, including maps, photographs, cartoons, engravings, and pamphlets. Our Digital Collections for the Classroom provide documents organized around our collection strengths, and include contextual information and discussion questions. Learn more about the Digital Collections for the Classroom or other digital resources from the Newberry.

For more information, please contact Teacher Programs Staff.

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