Proposing a Seminar

Spring 2008 Codicology and Latin Paleography seminar

Spring 2008 Codicology and Latin Paleography seminar, taught by Elizabeth Teviotdale, Western Michigan University.

Since 1979, the Center for Renaissance Studies has hosted graduate seminars taught by scholars from consortium institutions in their fields of specialization.

We encourage faculty members at consortium institutions to propose 10-week seminars in any medieval, Renaissance, or early modern topic strongly supported by the Newberry collections, for either fall or winter/spring term. Newberry seminars give faculty the opportunity to teach specialized courses for which they would not have enough enrollment at a single school, while students benefit from interaction with peers from a number of disciplines and institutions.

Instructors are compensated for teaching graduate seminars by negotiating release time with their departments, and are eligible to apply for consortium travel funding from their home institution. Visiting instructors may also apply, provided the host institution is willing to grant a course release. The Newberry is not able to pay travel expenses for instructors coming from out of the immediate area, though they are eligible to apply for funding from their schools’ consortium fund.

Submitting a Proposal

Deadline for 2015-16 seminars: Monday, December 1, 2014.

A complete proposal consists of:

  • Completed Cover Sheet (this is a PDF form that you can complete online, save with a new name, and return as an email attachment)
  • A brief course description and any prerequisites required
  • A proposed syllabus, including a schedule of readings and assignments
  • A current CV, including a list of graduate courses taught

Guidelines for proposing a Newberry graduate seminar

See a list of our past seminars, for an idea of the kinds of topics covered.