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My powers of clairvoyance are kind of iffy and not fully to be depended upon, but can sometimes produce uncanny results. (Uncanny being an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning “Should not have been let out of the can”.) So here are some Questions Answered Before You Ask.

Yes, yes, we will have several copies of Water for Elephants. (Please do not ask me the name of the author during the Book Fair, however, as you have a 50-50 chance that I will be thinking of Like Water for Chocolate at the time.)

No, I have not sorted the Legolas covered editions of The Two Towers from the Saruman covers or the Eowyn covers. You will simply have to take them off the shelves and look.

Yes, I am pretty sure the most crowded times will be from 4 to 5 P.M. Wednesday July 27 and 12 to 2 P.M. Thursday, July 28. I understand that there is a new travel book coming out called “Fifty Crowds to Be Mashed In Before You Die” which is listing these right up there with Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras and Lourdes in years when the Cubs might make the play-offs.

No, we will not be charging a gas surcharge to pay for the gasoline used by our volunteers picking up books.

Yes, we will have moved some of the categories around from where you remember them, but we don’t do it on purpose: it depends on what comes in the back door. (Later this week I’ll give you the preliminary figures and tell you which categories we think will be huge this time around.)

No, we will not be having a Kindle burning out in the park. Honest, I don’t know why you think uncle Blogsy would be a party to something so intolerant. (Besides, do you know how much it costs to get a bonfire permit in a city park?)

Yes, we have put in our application for sunny skies during the Bughouse Square debates. There’s nothing worse than the smell of wet hecklers.

No, no, oh no, we did NOT run out of books during April, when we told you we didn’t want you to bring in books if you could help it. A lot of people couldn’t help it, including the person with twelve filing cabinets full of stuff, the lady with thirteen suitcases full of stuff, that book dealer emptying out all of those books on Chicago he used to sell. (We got a City Directory from him. We NEVER get Chicago City Directories, especially the ones with entries for “Capone, Al, salesman”. Come look for it in the Chicago section, only, um, not between 4 and 5 July 27 or 12 to 2 July 2 

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