Recent Acquisitions

Our active collecting activities each year bring to the Newberry far more books, manuscripts, and maps than can be highlighted or even listed here. From among the arrivals of recent years, we present a selection that exemplifies our collecting today.

Case MS 200
These two manuscript fragments were written in northern Europe (perhaps Switzerland) in the second half of the 10th century. When acquired they formed the outer binding of a 17th century edition of a Jesuit commentary on Exodus, printed in Antwerp and subsequently bound in Berne. Conservation work at the Newberry revealed their highly legible patristic content (visible here), which varies significantly from the standard edition of Augustine's works.
Case MS 5327
An eight-stanza poem submitted for publication in a Baltimore, MD, area newspaper on the liberation from captivity of a certain Hugh Gibson from Indians in Pennsylvania some ten years earlier. An unique addition to the Ayer Collection’s famous holdings of captivity narratives. The events described occurred in 1756-1759.
Wing folio ZP 539 B173
Noel Breda (d. 1536), provost of the Sorbonne, was the author of the document condemning more than 200 propositions drawn from the writings of Erasmus. Erasmus, who closely followed the printing of his works, was an early employer of printed pagination (as opposed to foliation), and Breda in this condemnation accepts this innovation, citing Erasmus’s errors with page references.
VAULT Ruggles 438
Major General Alexander Leslie’s personal copy. Leslie commanded the 63rd and 64th Regiments of British foot soldiers active in North America from before the Boston Tea Party until 1782. This unique artifact is annotated with promotions in rank and by marking certain names “dead,” or “killed,” sometimes including the battle in which they died.
Christine de Pisan
Case MS 5326
A sixteenth-century copy of an important work of the greatest female poet of the Middle Ages. In addition to Pisan’s work, the codex contains a miscellany of poetical texts of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, a number of which have never been edited.
J. Goldsborough Bruff
Map 6F G4411 1847 .B7
This printed map is a copy of Mexican General Arista's manuscript map, taken at the battle of Resaca de la Palma. This good luck provided the U.S. with geographic information they had not previously possessed.
Raoul Auger Feuillet
Vault Case MS 5310
This is an unpublished translation of the original French printed text. The development of a graphic notation for the dance was a major artistic achievement of the Ancien regime France. This method of notation came to be used throughout Europe and facilitated the creation of a literary corpus on the dance that permitted contemporaries to perform dances they had never seen and consequently enables modern scholars to recreate achievements in dance which otherwise would have been forgotten. This manuscript documents the spread of Feuillet's notation to the Italian peninsula. The Newberry...
Vault Case MS 5312
A royal engineer's working map for the royal highway to Brittany that subsequently became known as Route nationale no. 12. The maps record planned road improvements.
Vault Case MS 198 (Newberry/Western Michigan MS 4)
An unstudied Dominican liturgical manuscript from the end of the Middle Ages. The Newberry has an exceptional collection of both manuscript and printed breviaries reflecting the uses of the various orders of the Catholic Church. This volume also complements the collection of rare printed books presented to the Library by the Dominican friars of the Province of St. Albert the Great in 2001-2002.
Andrew McKay
Vault Case MS 10029
Pocket diary of the 37th Iowa regiment known as the "Gray Beard Regiment," an infantry unit formed of healthy older men. The regiment guarded military prisons in Illinois. McKay died of disease at age 65 while in the service.