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Rodgers and Hammerstein and Moi

Tomorrow we begin to celebrate the Newberry’s Quasquicentennial: tat’s our 125th anniversary, if you have failed to follow along so far. It is the 125th anniversary of the day the Newberry first opened its doors, and, if you happen to be in the neighborhood around 9, you can watch them open again.

I have not heard anything concrete about the opening of NEWBERRY QUASQUICENTENNIAL: THE MUSICAL, which was one of a number of ideas we tossed around during some of the brainstorming sessions which led up to this multi-month celebration of things Newberry.

Therefore, I suppose they’re still trying out the play off-Broadway. So you wouldn’t mind if I offered up an opening number, would you? (If you would, you can always go over and read the genealogy blog, which has not yet been set to music.

Twitter and TV and Facebook are calling us,

Giving alerts of the wonders befalling us;

Gossips are buzzing in tones that are thoroughly

Cheerful, expectant and just a bit squirrelly;

Everything’s bright with a festival attitude:

What has Chicagoans thrilling with gratitude?

Ask people what’s up in town and most any’ll

Say it’s the Newberry’s Quasquicentennial!


It’s our Q!

We’ll tell our story!

Things on view

Reveal our glory!

Manuscripts, racing tips (from the Ben Hecht Collection)

Some risque locked away for your own protection.


It’s our Q!

Our favorite letter!

We dare you

To find a better!

Find yourselves rolling shelves,

Rand McNally’s Little Elves,

The Popul Vuh, at our Q!


Man alive!

Sing of our birthday!


Show what we’re worth day:

Every nook holds a book of honor and tradition:

Moby Dick three feet thick (That’s the condensed edition!)



A celebration!

Take a dive

Through information!

Families’ pedigrees

Tintypes showing Granny’s knees:

They still survive: 1-2-5!


You are one of the Newberry's Treasures!

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