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Santa Blogs II

Dear Santa Blogs:

Is it really appropriate to give a book from the Book Fair as a gift? I mean, won’t someone be offended at receiving something that is old, secondhand, and overpriced?


Dear Worried:

In the spirit of a season of peace and joy, I am going to overlook that last word. Anyway, if you’re the kind of person who worries about receiving overpriced presents, I’m not sure how to help you.

If the gift is something the recipient will enjoy, what difference does the rest make? I don’t believe the Mr. Salty Pretzel Cookbook is in print at this time, so you HAVE to get a pre-owned copy. The same goes for that book of poems by your great-grandmother. Old and secondhand can make for a great gift. (An old, secondhand fifty dollar bill is seldom refused because it’s wrinkled. Hey, some of the most memorable Christmas cookies I ever ate were given to me in June by someone who had found the box in the back of a cupboard in June. Packaged cookies, unopened, with red and green and blue coloring. I’d nearly finished the box before I saw, by the picture on the cover, that they were supposed to be just red. Memorable, I said.)

Anyway, not all of the Book Fair books ARE secondhand. We get remaindered books from bookstores, book distributors, and publishers. In which case, you’re getting unused merchandise at a lower price. And that’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

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