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Santa Blogs IV

Dear Santa Blogs:

My significant other, who is really rather reasonable otherwise, has informed me that we have to tidy up and that for every book I receive for Christmas, I need to get rid of one. Is that really in the spirit of the season?

Book Piler

Dear Piler:

Santa Blogs does not take sides in marital arguments. Santa Blogs would like to keep his skeleton and internal organs intact. Anyhow, don’t forget that New Year’s resolutions come right after Christmas, so it would all depend on how you define the season.

Now to practical matters. You can always buy books for your significant other. Then you can read them, but the problem of what book goes out to make space for it is not really in your court. (Or is it? Depends on how reasonable your Other gets.)

Another possibility is some creative smuggling. Of course, every book collecting spouse in the world has ways of smuggling books into the house and/or a trick for detecting whether your Other is doing the same thing. So Santa Blogs is not suggesting anything so commonplace.

What I’d recommend is that you come around to the Book Fair and buy one of these big sets of encyclopedias. Sneak it into some remote part of the house while sliding all those big boxes of high-tech gizmos packed in Styrofoam, and maybe you’ll get it into the place. THEN, after a day or so, you FIND it.

“Where’d we get this?” you can exclaim, with as much shock as your acting ability will sustain. “When did we use it last? We don’t need it any more, do we?” Then you donate it back to the Book Fair (no, you don’t get the money back: THAT would not be in the spirit of the season.) And, having unloaded, oh, 24 or 30 volumes, you’re entitled to receive a goodly pile of books for Christmas.

Call ahead and let me know how many sets of encyclopedias you require. It may take me a while to pile them up. 

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