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Santa Blogs V

Dear Santa Blogs:

I detect the faintest air of commercialism about your advice: you do seem always to suggest that someone’s problems can be solver by spending money at the Book Fair. Do you feel that’s appropriate to the season?


Hey, Puzzled:

I detect the faintest hint in your letter that you’re not puzzled at all. You’ve made up your mind, peppermint panini; you just want to let me know what you’re thinking.

I have mentioned elsewhere that one of the greatest and oldest of Christmas traditions is complaining about it. We each know that only we can celebrate properly, and as one of our Christmas customs involves pointing that out to people, we write letters to poor inoffensive Santa Blogs, who is just standing around sorting the romances from the vampire novels (and that gets harder every year, berry bun.)

Anyway, considering the spiritual content of some of these books, I’m not sure I’m not doing you a favor. Swapping mere cash for the deepest thoughts of the last three millennia on the subject of life, death, and what comes after might turn out to be the best bargain you ever made. Or, if your mind runs that way, you can buy all these revelations and give them to other people, since your mind is already made up.

No, don’t go away mad, Puzzled. Santa Blogs has a present for you. Just this morning I found a book on how over-commercialized Christmas has become. Said right there on the front that it had sold over a million copies. 

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