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School Days

It’s back to school time - a great reminder to take a look at some lesser-known school records. In Chicago, the Board of Education has published several different documents which you might find helpful. All of these publications are available at the Newberry for the dates indicated. You may find various issues online as well. Check the “Sneak peek” links to see some samples of these great resources.

  • The Proceedings of the Board of Education

    Holdings: 1871/72-1916/17 (Call No. I68962.26) and 1917/18-1931/32 (Call No. folio I68962.26) (Sneak peek)

    The Proceedings contain lists of teacher assignments and transfers, as well as vendors and suppliers doing business with the school board. They also contain lists of elementary, high school, and teachers’ college graduates from each school.

    Interesting find: The September 26, 1923 issue contains a “Report on Marriages,” listing the school name, teacher’s name prior to marriage, name after marriage and the date of the wedding.

  • Annual Reports (Board of Education)

    Holdings: 1855, 1858/59, 1860/61-1869/70, (Call No. Case I68962.27); 1872-1915, 1917-1918, 1928 (Call No. I68962.27) (Sneak peek)

    The Reports list schools, teachers and their salaries. They sometimes contain information about building projects including drawings and an occasional floor plan.<p/>

    Interesting find:The 1875/76 volume contained an “In Memorium” section listing teachers who had died and mentioning a few facts about their careers.

  • Directory of the Chicago Public Schools

    Holdings: 1895/96, 1900/01-1908/09, 1928/29 (Call No. I68962.23) (Sneak peek)

    These volumes include school names, address, principals and public transportation directions. They also include alphabetical lists of teachers giving the name of the school at which they taught and their home address. Another section includes a salary schedule for various positions within the school system.

    Interesting find: List of textbooks provided to the students by the Board of Education.

  • Chicago Schools Journal

    Holdings: 1918-1964 (Call No. I 407 .16) (Sneak peek)

    “An educational magazine for Chicago teachers.” Contains professional development articles, trends in education, reviews of classroom materials, etc.

    Interesting find: Two obituaries for teachers who had died. Obituaries for past/retired teachers did not appear.

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