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Semi-Treasures II

Now, maraschino medley, I cannot guarantee that all of these things will be right out in public the very first night. We have so many wonders every year at the Book Fair that we need you to keep coming back to check throughout the weekend. But among the wonders and marvels we have to offer this year are a few treasures that, as I said last year, do not exactly justify the cost of running a security camera.

We have a book on tape, unabridged, by suspense writer Nelson DeMille. The last tape in the set received special attention by the previous owner after it broke. He wrapped the loose tape around and around the outside of the cassette, so that at least if you can’t listen to the ending of the book, you can look at it. (Yeah, I think I’ll put it out fior sale. Forces you to buy a copy of the book, doesn’t it?)

We have a couple of computer keyboards that must still fit SOMETHING.

We have some legendary art books published with all manner of limited edition prints and special signed plates. All the special prints and plates are missing, but hey, that brings the price from $500 to $10, so that’s all to the good, right?

As mentioned in a previous blog, we have nearly 100 fine copies of The Vintage Bradbury. Not only is Ray Bradbury a master of the short story, a pivotal figure in modern science fiction, but he’s a local boy. Used to hang around in Evanston. (That would make ME write science fiction.)

We have a full-length LP, the first in a series, which gives you lessons in wild game calls. (I bet no one else is selling a recording of a man imitating a wild boar.)

We have a kid’s stamp album, crammed with stamps-US and international–in the 1960s. The kid got tired of the stamp hinges always coming loose, so at one point used Scotch tape to hold down the US section. Another chance to find a few rarities going really, really cheap. (For those of you too young to remember, clear adhesive tape used to have a habit of turning yellow and then brown as it aged; enhances the beauty of the object taped.)

And if all that is not enough to prove to you that you MUST come to the Newberry Library Book Fair, I have saved the best for last. As of this writing, we do not have a single copy of the book written by the most recent ex-governor of Illinois.


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