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Seminar Proposal Application Form

Personal information
Preferred mailing address
This is where we will mail all paperwork, including paychecks.
Proposed Seminar Information
Please provide a short description of your seminar of absolutely no more than 75 words. This description will be used in the seminars brochure and in website advertising. We reserve the right to edit this description for length according to our publication and promotional purposes
Please provide a brief biography statement of no more than 40 words. This statement will be used in the seminars brochure and in website advertising. We reserve the right to edit this text for length according to our publication and promotional purposes
The maximum enrollment is 25, but we may cap you class at a lower number due to space constraints
Evening classes can meet for 1.5 or 2 hours; all others meet for two hours.
Generally, our weekday afternoon classes run from 2 - 4 pm, and our weekday evening classes run from 5:45 - 7:45 or 6 - 7:30. Saturday morning classes run from 10 am - noon, and afternoon courses from 1 - 3 pm. Saturdays are slightly more flexible, and all-day or longer format courses can also be accommodated. The time slots for seminars are based on other activities in the library, the building's operation hours, and what we've found works well for participants. If you would like to rank your available time slots, please use the comments section. Please also keep in mind that more limited availability may impact our ability to fit your class into the overall schedule.
Uploads support .doc, .docx, and .pdf files with a maximum size of 2MB per file
Please provide a recent CV or resume that highlights relevant job experience, particularly teaching experience, research, publications, and activities.
Submit seminar proposal materials. Please see "Application Instructions" at for detailed information about course description requirements.
Upload any other relevant application documents.
Required Materials
Please tell us what materials your seminar participants will need and how you recommend that they be obtained. The Newberry Bookstore will stock and sell most Seminar books. Alternatively, a selection of excerpts and shorter readings can be distributed by the instructor or the Newberry. For more information about these logistics, please review the Reading and Materials Guide .
First Readings
Please detail the first reading(s) you plan on assigning, including publication and access information. If you have any other prep required, you can explain it here. Please list all first readings in this box, even if they are included in the uploaded proposal document.
List the names of two people we may contact who can provide an opinion of your proposed seminar and who are familiar with you and your previous work and teaching experience. Please note: If you have taught with the Newberry Library Seminars in the last five years, you do not need to provide this information.
Audio/visual and other equipment
Please review the Seminars A/V Guide before filling out this section.
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