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Back cover; "World's Wondrous Voyages"; " From Prairie to Palace"; "Camping on two Continents"; illustrated map.

An elaborate program for the touring Wild West Show that complements an 1893 program in the Ayer Collection published for the Columbian Exposition. Gift of the Society of Collectors.

Presentation copy from the author; heavily annotated through p. 67. inside front cover; heavily annotated in Latin and French

A richly annotated copy of an eighteenth-century manual of geography of the ancient world not previously available for consultation in an Illinois library. Gift of the Society of Collectors.

The Society of Collectors is a group with particular interests in collecting and supporting the development of the Newberry’s collection. Since 2006, the Society has presented more than 150 gifts of materials to the Newberry, including maps, Renaissance and modern manuscripts, government documents, type specimens, artists’ books, and other materials that extend, strengthen, and complement the library’s diverse holdings. To see a list of items purchased thanks to the Society of Collectors, click here.


Members of the Society of Collectors make an annual contribution in at least one of two ways: by making a gift of $5,000 or more to acquire items for the collection, or by making a gift of materials valued at $5,000 or more. As a thank you for this support, we offer the following benefits to Society members:

  • Invitations to members-only receptions and presentations and other special events
  • A private visit and lunch as well as a tour of the collection with a curator specializing in an area of the member’s collecting or personal interest, and other special events
  • Recognition in the Annual Report
  • Recognition on our donor wall in the lobby
  • A subscription to The Newberry Magazine

For more information about joining the Society of Collectors, please contact Jackie B. Johnson, Director of Major and Planned Giving, at (312) 255-3544 or

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Recent gifts

The following items are among the materials recently purchased by the Newberry with contributions from the Society of Collectors:

Baskin, Leonard. [Their champion stood forth, Ereuthalion, a man godlike]. [ca. 1961].

Baskin made this large pen and ink drawing for Richard Lattimore’s translation of the Iliad published in 1962 by the University of Chicago. Baskin is best known for his woodcuts in a similar style, well represented in the Newberry’s collection. This piece adds another dimension to the Newberry’s collection of his work. Case Wing oversize PA4033 .B37 1961

Estancelin, Jean Nicolas Joseph. Collection de cartes concernant les forêts, triages et bois taillis du Comté-Pairie d’Eu : avec plusieurs desseins et états analogues au commerce et à la partie des bois/ dédiée a Son Altesse Sérénissime Monseigneur le comte d’Eu, par son très-humble et très-obéissant serviteur Estancelin, lieutenant-général des eaux et forêts du Comté-Pairie d’Eu; gravée par Chambon en 1768.

Authored by the region’s warden of water and forests, this eighteenth-century atlas describing the Count of Eu’s woodlands in Normandy. Maps of private estates were not unusual in this era, but they were rarely published, let alone in atlas format. These maps offers an unusual glimpse into the management of a natural resource at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, including the nearby operations of the glassworks of Romesil which relied on the surrounding woods as its fuel source. Case G1838 .E88 1768

Peru (Viceroyalty). Viceroy (1780-1784: Jáuregui). Don Agustin de Jauregui, cavallero del Orden de Santiago del consejo de S.M. teniente general de sus reales exercitos, virrey, governador, y capitan general de los Reynos del Perù, y Chile, y presidente de la Real Audiencia de esta capital : por quanto en cartas de veinte y siete, y treinta y uno de Enero proximo antecedente escritas en el pueblo de siquani, una por el Señor Inspector General Don Josef de Valle. [Lima, 1782].

One of the key published documents related to the last major indigenous rebellion against the Spanish empire in Peru, a decree (“cedula”) issued by Peru’s Viceroy, Augustín de Jáuregui, ordering festivities after he was informed that Diego Cristóbal Tupa Amaro (Tupac Amarú) had surrendered rather than battle the Royalist forces. Tupac Amarú believed he was accepting an offer of peace to ensure the safety of himself and his people; nonetheless, he was later sentenced to death, along with his faithful followers and their families. The decree adds to the Ayer collection’s rich holdings in Peruvian and Incan history, including a volume of manuscripts related to the Tupac Amarú insurrection. Ayer folio F3444 .P415 1782

Werrecore, Mathias. La bataglia taliana/ composta da M. Mathias Fiamengo maestro di capella del domo di Milano; con alcune villotte piaceuole nouamente con ogni diligentia stampate & corrette; a qvatro voci. In Venetia: A presso di Antonio Gardane, 1549.

These rare partbooks, two survivors from set of four, include a bestselling song of the Renaissance, Bataglia taliana, which celebrates the defeat of the French at the Battle of Pavia in 1525, a battle that wrested Milan from French control. Werrecore was chapel master at Milan Cathedral in the 1520s. The Newberry has a particularly rich collection of sources about the siege of Pavia, including a rare woodcut map purchased a few years ago. VAULT Case M1582.W47 B37 1549