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Songs of the Season

It’s been a little time since our last singalong, and as I can’t quite seem to track down the rights to Strawberry Snow, I thought we would do this seasonal (and topical) tune just to remind you what I’ll be saying to you two weeks from now.

I really can’t stay. (Blogsy, there’s books outside.)

It’s late on Wednesday, (Blogsy, there’s books out there.)

The week has seemed long: (I just brought a few along.)

It’s time to leave. (I know you’re waiting to receive.)

Security will start to worry: (Look at ‘em: what’s your hurry?)

They’ll want me to start locking the door. (Come help me unload some more.)

It’s five and it’s time to scurry. (Look at ‘em: you can’t hurry.)

Well, maybe just a box or two more. (Pick the records up by the door.)

The turkey must thaw. (There’s stacks of true crime out there.)

I think there’s a law. (There’s Newsweek and Time out there.)

I wish I knew how (Just grab all those World Books now.)

To scare you off. (Are you okay? Was that a cough?)

I ought to say “Come back Monday.” (I said that I’d bring these one day.)

At least they can see that I tried. (Take these videos right inside.)

I really can’t stay.

Blogsy, just look out:

Blogsy, there’s books outside!

It’s starting to snow! (But, Blogsy, there’s books outside!)

I really must go! (Blogsy, there’s books outside!)

I’m likely to freeze: (Can you grab those DVDs?)

Look at the clock. (They’re just outside there on the dock,)

I said don’t bring your donations, (Some got wet on vacations,)

I’ve got to pick up cranberry sauce, (Cases aren’t a serious loss,)

You put me in situations. (You deserve congratulations.)

These discs seem too good to just toss. (They’ll be proud you made such a score.)

Don’t bring out that bag! (There’s lots of cool books in there.)

I don’t need more swag. (My old high school books are there.)

I’m sure they’re okay, (Will you get out of the way?)

But can’t you see? (Why won’t you take these gifts from me?)

You think these are first editions? (Think how sad to remember)

Oh well, it’s in our traditions. (If you’re out of books in December!)

I really can’t stay.

Blogsy, just look out:

Blogsy, there’s books outside!

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