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The Weeks Gone By, The Week To Come

Every now and then, one must stop, take a breath, and take stock before moving on with the battle of life. Looking back at the most recent columns, I see I may have left a few cliffhangers. I would like to resolve those so when you are stopping to take a breath (and another helping of potatoes) you can digest in peace.

Yes, like everyone else who wrote about the JFK assassination last Friday, I DID experience a few comments giving me the True Facts. My personal favorite conspiracy theory involves Smedley Butler, the highest-ranking Marine of World War I. I see that the Smedley Butler conspiracy theory is largely dismissed by the Greater Internet Public for the really trifling reason that Smedley Butler died in 1940, rather too early to be plotting against that particular President. (Smedley Butler was actually part of a plot to overthrow FDR: you can see how this can get confused. Al those three-initial Presidents look alike.)

Yes, my Smurfish period did continue, culminating (at least so far) in an amber brooch which is getting a little further research, amber brooches not being my specialty. It may make an appearance in one of the rare item cases in the A.C. (Amazing Cases) McClurg Bookstore once we get around to putting some cases into the bookstore.

Yes, the new management of the A.C. (Almost Christmas) McClurg Bookstore will be waiting for you on Black Friday and even on Auburn Saturday. Cards and calendars await, as well as some nice shiny new books you may not have known existed and an expanded section of shiny used books provided by Yours Truly.

(And no, by the way, I will not be on hand to accept any donations of books on Black Friday or Carmine Saturday. You must remember this from last year: I need to run around and buy a few presents myself because when I send books, people seem a bit distant. No one has ever yet asked “So, was this in a banana box?” but I do get the impression that it’s on their minds. So, like any loyal American, I am dashing through the snow on Black Friday and Ebony Saturday to buy a shrinkwrap machine, so if I DO regift your donation, I can make it look new.)

No, there has been no progress that I know about on the Best of Blogsy volume. I’m asking around among some people who have printed books what it cost to print theirs: I am getting hints that a lottery ticket or two may be required. Or those of you who sometimes donate books with money stuck in as bookmarks could drop off a couple more. For the record, nobody has left any cash in a donation since that penny I found in the Xerox box of paperback romances. I told you if you used banana boxes those fifties would drop through the hole in the bottom.

Yes, we have had even more books come in on Louis XVII, the Lost Dauphin, including a book proving that a missionary who cheated the Oneida Indians out of their land was the missing King of France. This particular claimant was certified phony about a hundred years ago, but the book is from fifty years before THAT, so the author cannot be blamed for falling for a plausible line. Nowadays, of course, we know exactly what happened to the missing Louis.

He escaped to America and changed his name to Lee Harvey Oswald.

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