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What is ChicagoAncestors?

ChicagoAncestors.org is a free website designed to help genealogists and local historians discover and share historical information about Chicago. ChicagoAncestors.org allows you to search for historical data by address, neighborhood, type of information or keyword. The results are plotted on a Google map. Users are also able to add tags, comments or new points to the map simply by becoming registered users.

 Here are just some of the types of information you’ll find:

  • Locations of many synagogues and churches for a variety of denominations, along with information on where to access their records
  • Locations of schools whose yearbooks are held by The Newberry Library or the Chicago History Museum
  • Bibliographies for each of Chicago’s 77 community areas
  • Homicide records covering over 3,400 crimes.
  • Images of Chicago from Jazz Age Chicago, ChicagoPC Postcards, the Charles W. Cushman Photograph collection and more
  • Chicago Tribute Markers commemorating notable Chicagoans
  • Information on locations such as: public housing, historic restaurants and cemeteries
  • Submissions from other users of ChicagoAncestors – locations where their ancestors lived, worked and played.

We’ll be publishing helpful tips on using ChicagoAncestors in future postings.  If you’re interested in Chicago history or genealogy, be sure to check it out!

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