Yes, Uncle Blogsy took some time off, as promised. I went out west: not so far west that I was out of the reach of Midwestern weather, just west of Chicago. We were given more than ten inches of snow one day, but I had little or no part in the clearing of it, so I could just watch and say “Ooh, how purty!”

I made a few sociological observations to bring back. In my part of the country, fewer and fewer people are driving what used to be known as “cars”. I believe two of every three vehicles I saw in the grocery store parking lot was an RV, SUV, or just a van, and if you add to that the families who always have driven pick-ups, I suppose no more than 12% of the array could be called cars.

I also noted by listening to the radio that people are still out there writing Christmas songs, people who ought to be restrained by their friends. I could have written those songs, and you know THAT is not a good thing. They mean well, poor dears, and their basic concept is okay but their poetry skills…well, perhaps at that time of year one shouldn’t be critical.

On the other hand, hey, it’s January now. And way too many songs come out with choruses like

“Oh, I love to be with my family at Christmas

Because Christmas is when I like to be with my family;

Families are wonderful at Christmas

Cuz Christmas time is…..Family Time.”

But to a great degree over the break I looked at books. I hope you didn’t think I was going somewhere book-free. We give books at Christmas. (We once had a high-tech holiday when almost nobody got a book, and it was one of the longest December 25ths on record.) I looked over the book sale racks at the public library, and gave my verdict on the books bought at sales through the summer. (My mother, particularly, is a serious book buyer and is NEVER coming to the Newberry Library Book Fair. There’d be nothing left for YOU.)

No, I’m not going to report to you about what books I saw. A book report over vacation? Don’t be daft.

(NEXT TIME: What YOU did over my Christmas vacation.) 

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