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What's New Among the Old Books

As people keep insisting on reminding me, we are two-thirds of the way through the year to the third annual 25th Book Fair. Perhaps you’d like to know how things are shaping up. Oh, it’s like that, is it? In that case, honeydew hash, go read my brother’s blog instead. We’ll carry on without you.

We have had several fair-to-middling donations of show biz books, with a heavy emphasis on the movies of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. We have one and two-thirds sets of jay Robert Nash’s massive guide to motion pictures: the full set is available as a set and the broken set as individual volumes, in case all you want to read about is movies with titles between C and E.

There have been two large collections on psychology, and, as usual, a third of a ton or so of books on political science. Most of these are about the conspiracy by the Other Party to overthrow all American values. American values seem to have been in danger roughly since the Pilgrims hopped off the Mayflower (it was those Billingtons, I guess: always making trouble). Maybe the reason they haven’t disappeared yet is all those books.

Signed books have been springing up like crocuses. I am investigating our second Ron Santo (the first turned out to be phony) but we definitely have Richard M. Daley and Mike Ditka. Farther afield, we have George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, Caroline kennedy, and I’m trying to verify what seems very likely to be a genuine Bobby Kennedy. We have two copies of the same book, each signed by Andy Warhol (I may try one on eBay; it is SO hard to convince a customer that a book is rare when I’m trying to sell two of them.)

Videos and CDs are plentiful, and DVDs are growing as a category. We had one massive collection of kids’ videos arrive–boxed in alphabetical order. I do not know for certain that this child will grow up to be a librarian, but I fear the worst.

We have had five cameras come in in the last three months, a record for us. I take it you folks got tired of owning a phone AND a camera and decided that you can’t text or read blogs on the camera. Four of these take film (ask your grandfather) but one is a nice, working digital camera WITH memory card. Batteries not included, which is a relief. (You should see the state of the batteries when I get something with batteries inside.)

And, of course, the BIG news is that last week I had my first person to donate books in a kiwi fruit box. This is going on the no-no list.

If it had been a boxful of cameras, I might feel differently. 

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