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Why Buy?

I get it a lot.  “Why would anybody buy that?  It’s useless!”  Honestly, you people think customer buy only what they need must have missed a few classes in Economics 101 Our financial system is based on selling people what they WANT.  Whether it’s useful is beside the point.

The person who says “You don’t really need that”, to his/her spouse is not playing the game.  Here are some of the reasons I’ve heard for wanting to buy a book a customer might never actually open.

This book was published the year my sister was born.  She’ll love it.

My grandmother had this book, but we weren’t allowed to touch the books on her shelves.

I need a book this big to hold the door open.

That is the first book I’ve ever seen by an author with my maiden name.

There was a copy of this in my eighth grade classroom and that’s where I left the love note for Phoebe…Phoebe…I’ll think of her last name.

I know the author. He’ll autograph it for me and I’ll donate it back.

I had to balance that book on my head in gym class as a posture exercise.

This is just the right size for that empty space on the shelf.

I want my kids to see what our teachers used to make US read.

The story looks dull, but I love the illustrations.

I used to take a copy of this to the beach every summer and not read it, but I left it on a plane last year.

I can hollow this out and make my own book safe.

The murder victim in this book has the same last name I do.

It’s better, sometimes, not even to inquire why the customer wants something. A volunteer who saw that we’d filled in an odd corner in a box with bubble wrap said “Can I have that? My puppy keeps forgetting his training and wetting on the floor.”

It was only after she left that I started to wonder. What, exactly, is the application of bubble wrap in this situation? Do you pop it at the puppy when…. No, I have to keep my mind free for deciding which books go into Fiction and which ones go into Books Your Grandmother Used to Have.

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