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Years May Come, Years May Go

So, Uncle Blogsy, let’s get to the point. Aren’t books obsolete in this day and age?

No, not really.

Are you sure?

I was sure Gerald Ford was going to win the 1976 election, Caramel Cupcake. But there’s one thing the eBook hasn’t got yet.

I suppose you mean the comforting feeling of turning pages and dog-earing the corners?

Well, no. Really, it’s just that people have to switch to an eBook device from the handheld phone/camera/computer/movie viewer/solitaire game they already use in 90% of their waking life. The book won’t really be obsolete until you can download an infinite number of texts onto a cellphone.

And how long will it be before that happens?

What time is it now?

Aren’t you worried about books being obsolete?

Why? The fact that something’s obsolete doesn’t keep people from buying it. Vinyl LPs have been obsolete now for about two decades, but people still push and shove to buy them from me. And did I mention that we sold all the slide carousels we had out in July?

You were gloating about that, yes.

The fact is, Kumquati Sundae, that none of us knows what next year’s brave new world is going to be like. The word processor was supposed to make typewriters obsolete, but I haven’t even heard the phrase “word processor” for a couple of years now. The Internet was supposed to have brought us a paperless society, but that concept was obsolete before it happened. It might STILL happen, in which case its obsolescence will become obsolete.

I wish you wouldn’t try to be profound, Uncle Blogsy.

It’s my blog. By the way, have you read those articles that say the blog is dead? Nobody has time for blogs in a world of texting and tweeting.

So I’m really wasting my time asking about a possibly obsolete art form in a possibly obsolete art form?

I don’t know. You’ll have to read about it in my book.

I don’t even know why I talk to you, Uncle Blogsy.

Then there’s a pair of us. 

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