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Before You Unload

Okay, so we’ve talked around this for some time, the big question of 2018. No, NOT will the Cubs make it all the way. No, NOT all that election business. The question all western civilization wants answered:

Where do donors drop off books during the January to June Grand Renovation?

We have had discussions at all levels about the question and we now, at last, have an answer approved by the highest levels.

We can’t say.

There are things we CAN say. There will be a guard on duty at a desk SOMEWHERE in the lobby during the whole period. So if you usually bring a bag or two and leave it while the guard writes you a receipt, THAT remains the same. The door you enter the lobby by will change now and again (the last I heard, the space around the front door will be under construction for about four months: watch for posted signs telling you whether you need to go around back to the glass doors, also known as the North Entrance.)

But about those boxes of paperback romances and signed Ptolemy atlases….

The loading dock—Lampe Landing—will be out of commission a LOT of the time. Do not count on that at all. We do, after all, have the North Entrance and one other receiving area at the north end of the parking lot. But construction is happening all over the first floor, so sometimes these will be shut down, too. And from time to time, we have been told, we will have less than 24 hour notice that this door or that will not be available to the public. (We have been assured that we will always have a door open SOMEWHERE, and a way to get people who need an elevator TO an elevator so they can get in, as well. But we’re talking SUV-loads of books right now.)

We do want your books. And we would prefer, during the Don’t Trust The Weather Months (roughly March 1 through February 28) that you don’t leave ‘em on the sidewalk or on the parking lot blacktop.

The best thing to do will be to call first. We’ll let you know what we know about the day you want to drop off your collection of Hello Kitty. What we know, of course, may change without notice.

So here’s the real trick. When you DO come by with books, pull into the parking lot. A good place to go, once you’re in, is to the glass doors at the north end. There is a library phone there, or you can call our security kiosk at 312-255-3503. Make this phone call BEFORE YOU UNLOAD.

That’s the magic phrase. If you find out BEFORE YOU UNLOAD where the books are NOT supposed to go, then you don’t have to move them again. (Or, if you are one of those hit-and-run donors, WE won’t have to move them twice.) Someone MAY come running to help you, especially if you ask for that, or if you prefer to come and go without being noticed, you can specify that you don’t need help, and take the books wherever it’s okay. It’s really quite easy. No no no! It would NOT be easier for you to wait until the Fourth of July weekend. We’ll be so busy celebrating the completion of the work no one will notice you’re there.

All we ask is that if you bring us books, call us BEFORE YOU UNLOAD and ask where we want you to put them. We promise we won’t say what you just thought.

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