Graduate Seminar: Rand H. Johnson | Newberry

Graduate Seminar: Rand H. Johnson

Friday, January 4, 1991Friday, March 15, 1991
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Latin Paleography: Western Manuscript Books from Carolingian Times to the Invention of the Printing Press

Rand H. Johnson, Western Michigan University

This course offered training in the reading and transcription of medieval Latin writings from the Carolingian period to the first century of the printed book; provided instruction in dating and localizing manuscripts; and suggested ways in which manuscript books served as witnesses to the history of the intellectual centers which produced them.  There was specific instruction in the deciphering of scripts and methods of abbreviation and the study of aspects of the manuscript book, including layout of the page, illuminatede letters, ruling, binding, and materials.  Particular use was made of the Newberry Library’s collection of late Carolingian and later manuscripts.

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