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Graduate Seminar: David Bevington

David Bevington, University of Chicago

David Bevington, University of Chicago

Wednesday, January 6, 1993Wednesday, March 10, 1993
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Patronage and Patriarchy, Matronage and Matriarchy

David Bevington, University of Chicago

This seminar focused on selected dramatic texts from the late fifteenth century through the early Jacobean period, largely in terms of new historicist and feminist concerns: patronage of the drama under Henry VII and VIII; uses of drama in the reigns of Edward VI and mary I for polemical purposes close to the court; the role of Queen Elizabeth in relation to drama that offered both flattery and criticism; the importance of new Protestant ideas about companionate marriage and how such ideas are reflected in Elizabethan drama; and male projections of women as material for drama. 

Participants: Michael Aradas, Purdue University; Cynthia Bowers, Loyola University Chicago; Norman Boyer, Saint Xavier University; Douglas Bruster, University of Chicago; Anita Dellaria, University of Illinois at Chicago; Judith Fleming, Purdue University; Jacquelyn Fox-Good, Illinois Institute of Technology; Anne Gramm, Purdue University; Jan Hardin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Kenneth Jackson, Loyola University Chicago; James Lewin, University of Illinois at Chicago; Ann Meyer, University of Chicago; Timothy Montbriand, Wayne State University; Patricia Nebrida, Purdue University; Marguerite Rieck, Loyola University Chicago.

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