Graduate Seminar: Robert Bireley | Newberry

Graduate Seminar: Robert Bireley

Robert Bireley, Loyola University Chicago

Robert Bireley, Loyola University Chicago

Wednesday, January 8, 1992Wednesday, March 11, 1992
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Reformation and Counter-Reformation: A New Approach

Robert Bireley, S. J., Loyola University Chicago

This seminar explored the implications of a comparative approach to the religious changes of the sixteenth century.  While not denying the clear differences between the Protestant Reformation(s) and Catholic Counter-Reformation (and Reform), it emphasizes the elements common to both, and increasingly it sees them as competing, parallel efforts to reform the church and update it to meet the multiple challenges posed by the changes of the “long” sixteenth century: humanism and advances in science; the growth of government; economic expansion; social mobility; and the European advance into Asia and America.  Generally, this approach sees a greater divide between medieval and early modern than between Protestant and Catholic, and it looks at the longue durée, from 1550 to 1700. A reading knowledge of German or French is required.

Participants: Gretchen Anderson, University of Chicago; Jennifer Ash, Northwestern University; Matthew Brandabur, Loyola University Chicago; Mita Choudhury,  Northwestern University; Olympia Gonzalez, Loyola University Chicago; Nancy Locklin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Robert Karrow Jr., Newberry Library; Marilyn Little, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Madeline Raffel; Mary Ann Rezek; Sara Meyer Rude, Loyola University Chicago; Orit Schwartz, Northwestern University; Susan Slocum, University of Chicago; Laurel Steinback, Illinois State University; Judith Testa, Northern Illinos University; Jutta Tragnitz, University of Illinois at Chicago; Allan Tulchin, University of Chicago; Annie Wiseman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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