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Graduate Seminar: Nathan A. Breen

Junius MS, Case W 915 .26 (facsimile)

Junius MS, Case W 915 .26 (facsimile)

Thursday, January 8, 2009
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

The Anglo-Saxon Seminar:  The Junius Manuscript

Nathan A. Breen, DePaul University

This seminar is for participants who have already completed at least one course in Old English. Participants will translate selections from the four Old English poems contained in manuscript Junius 11 (Genesis, Exodus, Daniel and Christ and Satan) with an eye toward the functions of poetry based on Biblical translations in Anglo-Saxon England. Participants will read numerous critical essays concerning the literary and cultural elements of the manuscript and its individual poems to develop a greater understanding of the scholarly discussion that has accumulated over the years.

Participants: Kevin Caliendo, Loyola University Chicago; Jill Fitzgerald, Saint Louis University; Sarah Gillette, DePaul University; Sarah Kelley, Western Michigan University; and Erin Mann, University of Iowa.

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