Graduate Seminar: Catharine A. Regan | Newberry

Graduate Seminar: Catharine A. Regan

Friday, January 11, 1991Friday, March 15, 1991
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

The Vercelli Book, History and Contexts

Catharine A. Regan, Northwestern University (emerita)

This seminar proposed a study of Anglo-Saxon literature and culture through a focus on The Vercelli Book, the earliest (late 10th century) of the four extant Old English codices containing poetry.  The recent history of the manuscript was studied, beginning from its discovery in the Chapter Library of the Cathedral at Vercelli in 1822 through the first transcript (1834), to the facsimilies edited in 1913 and 1976.  Special attention was paid to the compilation of the manuscript and possible interrelations among the twenty-three prose homilies and six religious poems.  Some time was devoted to transliteration and the textual history of the poetry and prose selected for translation.  Cultural contexts of the primary texts examined in the course were explored in the collections of the Newberry Library. 

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