Continental Drifts: The Diasporic Cultures of North America | Newberry

Continental Drifts: The Diasporic Cultures of North America

Thursday, January 21, 2010
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This seminar will offer participants a new perspective on North America as a place of constant migrations and shifting homelands.  First, the issue of non-sedentary cultures will be explored, using the concept of diaspora as a tool to understand the effects of our modern environments on space and identity. What place do we call home? What is culturally and biologically one’s native language? What is a diasporic identity? Secondly, participants will be introduced to some of the challenges facing the most important “migratory peoples” within the North American space, such as the Puerto Ricans, French Canadians, Acadians and Cajuns, Haitians, Mayans, Cherokees, and other indigenous peoples.  A discussion on personal migration narratives in Illinois and the American Midwest will conclude the seminar.

Seminar led by François Paré, University of Waterloo