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1982 NEH Seminar

Robert Bireley, Loyola University Chicago

Robert Bireley, Loyola University Chicago

Politics, Morality, and Religion in Early Modern Europe
Tuesday, January 26, 1982Tuesday, May 4, 1982
Directed by Robert Bireley, Loyola University Chicago.
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Participants concentrated on the debate about the relationship between politics on the one hand and religion and morality on the other, a wide-ranging controversy which, moving from programs of state-building to discussions of religious toleration, illuminates the trend toward secularization of thought and politics in European civilization. Using original source materials from the Newberry’s rich collections, the seminar paid particular attention to frequently neglected aspects of Counter-Reformation visions of state and society.

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The seminar included several adjunct lectures and workshops:

A Discussion on Jean Bodin
J. H. M. Salmon, Bryn Mawr College

Machiavelli the Historian in Stuart England: Thomas Jackson’s Use of the Discorsi
Anne J. Schutte, Lawrence University (now at University of Virginia)

Political Assassination in Early Modern Europe
Franklin Ford, Harvard University

Machiavelli in England

Carolyn Edie, University of Illinois at Chicago (now emerita)

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