Graduate Seminar: Timothy Graham | Newberry

Graduate Seminar: Timothy Graham

Timothy Graham, University of New Mexico

Timothy Graham, University of New Mexico

Friday, February 2, 1996Friday, April 5, 1996
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Graduate Seminar

Latin Paleography from the Age of Charlemagne to the Age of Humanism

Timothy Graham, Western Michigan University

currently teaching at the University of New Mexico

The course surveyed the evolution of Western script and manuscript production from circa 800 to the Renaissance.  Participants learned how to identify and read a broad range of scripts, from formal book hands to cursive charter hands.  Training in the fundamentals of codicology was an essential part of the course.

Participants: Toby Baldwin, University of Chicago; Phil Gavitt, St. Louis University; Demetrius Glover, Purdue University; Marc Hanger, Loyola University Chicago; Kristen Hofer, Pennsylvania State University; Aaron Kleist, Indiana University; Ian Levy, Marquette University; Rebecca Moore, Marquette University; Susan Pezzino, University of Illinois at Chicago; Jenni Runte, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Alfred Siewers, University of Illinois at Chicago; Steven Stofferahn, Purdue University; Pamela Stuckey, University of Iowa; Robert Styles, Indiana University; Sidney Tibbetts, independent scholar; Raymond Clemens, Columbia University; Johnathon Herold; Amy Stout, Western Michigan University; Tina Tippette, Western Michigan University; Amy Weiberger, Western Michigan University.

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