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Black Rivers, Green Ambitions

The Politics of Climate Change in China
Wednesday, February 4, 2015

9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Dr. Phillip Stalley, DePaul University
CANCELED. Please call 312-255-3672 for more information.
Newberry Teachers' Consortium

Over the last decade, China has made a dramatic investment in green technology. In 2013, China installed more solar power capacity than exists in the entire United States. Despite its embrace of clean energy at home, China is often regarded as a major obstacle in international climate change negotiations, where it has consistently advocated against binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Focusing on the issue of climate change and the apparent contradiction between China’s striking investment in climate protection at home and its inflexible position in the international arena, this seminar provides an introduction to the politics of climate change in China. During the seminar, we will discuss a variety of topics including the on-going negotiations for a new international climate change agreement, the current Chinese administration’s economic reform agenda, and the implications of China’s embrace of green technology. The aim of the seminar is provide participants with a better understanding of international climate change politics, China’s climate change diplomacy, and its recent economic and energy reform initiatives.

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