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Teaching Film and Literature

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
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This seminar aims to practice and discuss several means of encouraging students to engage with narrative cinema at the level of detail and intensity that they apply when close-reading works of literature, to include strategies for working /across/ film and literature as a way of developing student insights into the poetics and structures of both forms.  Seminar participants will begin with an illustrated crash-course in the techniques and terminologies for analyzing images, editing, and sound in narrative film, followed by a presentation of sample assignments by which students can practice watching, writing, and thinking from these perspectives.  From there, the seminar will examine short scenes and assignments by which book-to-film adaptations can teach students to think about prose and cinema in more nuanced ways, above and beyond questions of which plot points and characters survive from the page to the screen.

Seminar led by Nicholas Davis, Northwestern University